Daniele Sorace

I am a Life Coach, mBIT Coach, Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist.

I am very authentic and direct, creative and very passionate about my work.
My job as a Change Worker for my clients is geared towards perspective taking, new perspectives that can be generalised out in time.

I approach the change work process with an open mind. I am by nature very curious and because of my personal life experiences, I tend to be very accepting of people's behaviours, actions and reactions. I welcome clients from all walks of life.

I also work with gender and sexual diversity clients in an affirmative manner, working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients.

Self employed.
Facilitating and resourcing with NLP Dynamics on the following courses:
Professional Coaching Skills training (ACCT), NLP Practitioner (ANLP), NLP Master Practitioner (ANLP) & NLP Coach.
Trainer & Coach at Grit.
I also offer my services and support through the 56 Dean Street London sexual health and HIV clinic for the Chemsex Support Programme.


    Coaching is an exploratory and collaborative process whereby the coach helps the client gain more clarity and insights. Coaching can go much deeper than making plans and setting goals. It provides both a robust framework for change and an empowering, inquisitive and generative mind-set.

    'WHAT' do you want?

    NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a methodology to model excellence. It explores the inner workings of the human mind, the intricate dynamics between the Mind (Neuro), the Language (Linguistic) and the resulting Behavioural Response and its patterns (Programming) in order to generate new & more resourceful behaviours.

    'HOW' do you do that?

    Hypnotherapy employs specific language and techniques in order to put the client in a trance-like state, in which the unconscious mind becomes much more available for interaction and the conscious mind less alert, although still aware and present. It is a state of enhanced awareness, not a state of deep sleep.

    What 'IF' you allowed yourself?


I specialise in people.

Life Coaching is what my work focusses on although in my sessions I might use a mixture of Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy. I also use mBIT Coaching (multiple Brain Integration Techniques). mBraining coaches you in aligning your three brains to achieve greater wisdom, success and happiness. That is your Head Brain, your Heart Brain and your Gut Brain.

I love helping people gain new insights and find their own solutions to their own problems. I work with individuals as well as couples.

I am very committed to creating and holding a space for my clients where I can facilitate change, their change.

The process is the client's very own journey of self discovery. I offer my clients my skills, my knowledge, my personal and professional experience, my time, my commitment and my full presence.

What I do ask of my clients is for them to keep an open mind and to fully and actively commit to the process.

That's when wonderful things happen, when we open up to new possibilities, new avenues, when we stop being lived by our own lives and start living.

I love my job and I love working with people who are willing to help and challenge themselves and their self limiting beliefs in order to find and embrace their true potential.

Be open, Be honest, Be committed and change will inevitably happen.


  • • Career & redundancy Coaching
  • • Confidence
  • • Depression
  • • Energy
  • • Finances
  • • Gaining insights and clarity
  • • Gender and sexual diversity in an affirmative manner
  • • Health & Wellbeing
  • • Hobbies
  • • Limiting self beliefs
  • • Maximising Potential
  • • Mentoring
  • • Motivation
  • • Personal Development
  • • Planning & Goal Setting
  • • Procrastination
  • • Relationships, Friendships & Family
  • • Spirituality
  • • Stress
  • • Time Management
  • • Values
  • • Work/Life Balance
  • • Youth Coaching


I am a Member of the AC (Association for Coaching) and a Member of the BIH (British Institute of Hypnotherapy)

  • 01

    NLP Master Practitioner (ANLP) - NLP Dynamics

  • 02

    mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach - NLP Dynamics.

  • 03

    CP NLP (ANLP) - NLP Dynamics.

  • 04

    Professional Coaching Skills (MAC) - NLP Dynamics.

  • 05

    CP NLP (Certified Practitioner of NLP) - ECHM (European College of Holistic Medicine) currently PPTI (Phil Parker Training Institute).

  • 06

    Dip Clin Hyp NLP Coach - ECHM (European College of Holistic Medicine) currently PPTI (Phil Parker Training Institute)



Please send me an email or give me a call and we can have an informal chat about what it is that you are looking for and about how and if I can help you.

Should I feel a different Professional is best placed to help you, I will refer you on, otherwise we can go ahead and schedule an IC (Initial Consultation).

The IC might last up to 90 minutes and during this part of the process, I am going to find out some more details about how I can best help you. There will be questions that will help you think about the issues you've been used to having in a very different way. Be prepared for some intriguing questions.

If we indeed both feel we are a good fit for each other and decide to work together, then you've just had your first session with me and the change work process has already started. I will offer you a bespoke taylor made plan specifically designed for you.

Several sessions may be required for long lasting results. I suggest generally 12 sessions/3 months minimum commitment although I am open to discuss different circumstances. Face 2 Face. Skype. Telephone.

Enquire within for further info and for costs.

* Very limited Pro Bono & Low Cost for Concessions available.

Contact Me


Life Coach, mBIT Coach, Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

Phone: +44 7941 941738

Email: me@danielesorace.com

Skype: daniele.sorace.london


I see my clients in South Bank. It is a vibrant, central and easy location to reach, right on the river.


Blackfriars (Circle and District)

Southwark (Jubilee Line)

Waterloo (Jubilee, Northern and Bakerloo lines)

Overland - Waterloo and Blackfriars

Blackfriars is a 5–8 minute walk away.

Southwark & Waterloo are approx 9-12 minute walk away.

There are good bus links from both London Bridge and Waterloo areas.

The RV1 and 381 buses run from London Bridge to Waterloo and stop few minutes away.


There is no parking on-site, however there are car parks within 5 minutes walk: Cornwall Road car park – underground and open 24 hours; and the street level Doon Street car park [entrance on Upper Ground opposite the National Theatre].
Both car parks are operated by Apcoa Parking UK.
I would recommend contacting them by phone on 020 7620 0357 to confirm opening and closing times.